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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> something tells me that she always found happiness in every situation. >> yes, i can't believe her energy at 107 years old. or young, for that matter. looking great. happy birthday to you. >> and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> and stay tuned to "good morning america." right now on eyewitness news this morning, orange county deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed a teenager walking on the sidewalk outside of his home. she that he didn't even have his life left, they took them from us. an emotional plea for information from his family. the personality, they don't love it so much, but that's o kay. who cares? >> the republicans have been after me for 25 years.
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candidates crisscross the state taking aim at each other and fighting for votes. a.m. on this monday march 14, the monday after daylight savings. [laughter] >> all right, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. you are sleepy i don't know what time it is. let's get over to certified meteorologist, brian shields. >> we are at. we are tracking some sprinkles here his -- a few spring was popping up in orange county. a bit of green on the map, have the umbrella for this morning. even into the early up -- afternoon we could see a hit or michelin star and we will keep you posted as we go throughout the morning. elsewhere, some scattered clouds, but again pockets of drizzle and those light sprinkles that have been working in this morning. temperatures are warm, 67 --
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67 palm coast, 64 ocala. let's show you what's next as we take a look at the planner for today. 10o'clock this morning we could see some showers, even a rumble of thunder possibly. we are in winter park. hit or miss showers as we go through the early afternoon we have submitted 80 selby and the forecast. it is going to stay really warm today. close to 90 by tomorrow we are going to attract a bigger warm- up and a few showers on the move for the morning drive i will see you in just a few. let's check on the drive this morning. checking in with i-4, right at 535 you can see here cruise in the westbound lanes and they are looking to clear out some of these construction cones. it's one of the only spots of construction we have out there this morning. until they clear that out you only have two lanes to take westbound right at 535.
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-- i-4 a colonial, looking at about directions. no lanes blocked off in this area for construction. i will let you know if we have any questions crashes pop up or if you need any alternates. investigators are looking for the gun man who killed a 15- year-old as he walked down the sidewalk. >> this happen early sunday morning -- sunday morning not far from where that teen lived. >>reporter:they say they haven't made any arrests, do not have any suspect since they took down this crime scene tape and wrapped up the investigation out here were antoine davis was shot and killed. they have told us that the teenager was having ongoing disputes with other boys in the area. orange county deputies told us they are talking with people who might have information about who shot and killed 15- year-old antoine davis. he was 15.
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they took them from us. >>reporter:his aunt tiffany broke down pleading with anyone who could come forward. deputies say antoine was walking along the sidewalk around midnight sunday morning when someone shot him in the head. it is a dark stretch of road without many lights, it happened near a wooded area without any cameras in sight. his family is begging for the public's help to find the teenager's killer. >> please come forward. we need every amount of information to bring justice to him. >>reporter:this is just the latest shooting following a deadly weekend in central florida. for our next half hour i'm going back to the open cases, investigators are still working right now and at 5:30 here the sheriff explain what is preventing his deputies from stopping the violence. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. this morning a man accused of opening fire outside of a bus station is expected to face a judge. investigators say pierre fired a gun in the air at a links bus
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station on john young parkway on sunday. he ran off, but officers caught up to him. elisa trying to figure out why he started shooting. -- police are trying to figure out why he started shooting. eyewitness news this morning angela jacobs has been following all of our political coverage. this all follows a violent weekend in the race for the white house. >>reporter:trumps opponents are not hesitating to point out that images of violence on his rallies leading to two events being canceled are being seen around the world. now, they are the ones on the attack. >> it was totally organized, troublemakers. >>reporter:after angry, chaotic scenes over the weekend at donald trump's events in illinois, missouri and ohio. one man even try to rush the stage as he spoke. more secret service agents, than ever are now surrounding the gop front runner >> they are not protesters, they are disruptors. they are supposed to disrupt >>reporter:trumps rivals on both sides are on their own
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>> he is trafficking and hate, and fear. >> no matter what it takes, i will not take the low road to the highest office in america. >>reporter:we have been following the violence that has been a distraction from the race to the white house. a path that leads right through our delegate rich state of florida and that of ohio. >> after tuesday, we are going to see this race narrow clearly to a two-person race >>reporter:recent polls have ohio governor, john kasich, leading trump in the buckeye state marco rubio still that marco rubio still trails him here in his home state. >> on wednesday morning, some posters somewhere going to have to explain why they are so wrong. >>reporter:senator rubio told us on sunday, he is not feeling any pressure from the polls. coming up in our next half hour, the reasons he says he can still beat trump here. after you. >> senator rubio will be campaigning in melbourne today.
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several recent donald trump campaign events is deeply disturbing and needs to stop. >> we can strongly disagree about the world of federal governments but we cannot continue to allow political discourse in this country to continue to head in this direction. >> senator rubio says protesters and trump share the blame for the violence. a new presidential primary poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are leading by a large margin in florida. trump has a 44% of support from voters, marco rubio and ted cruz are tied with 21% each. among democrats, hillary clinton hold a 28-point lead over bernie sanders with 10% of those polled being undecided. the hypothetical general election matchup in florida clinton would beat trump be trump by eight points by all registered voters. bill clinton will be in winter park today, rollins college tried to gain support for his wife. the event at the mckee gymnasium starts at 7:45 p.m. doors will open at 6:45 p.m.
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bill clinton story there. remember you can always follow all of the developments in the 2016 presidential race by downloading our free wftv two patrol cars crashed into one another while trying car. this canine unit wound up on its side, police say the driver of that stolen car took off from a it. the two police cars that crashed were on their way to help track down the car. one officer had minor injuries, the other was on her. also, 11 people have been rushed to the hospital after an amtrak train went off the tracks in kansas. take a look at this video from eyewitnesses, just after midnight. investigators in kansas say five train cars were on their site here. amtrak says the train was headed from la to chicago. 130 people in 14 crewmembers were on board.
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police chief, mike chitwood, is officially announcing he is running for sheriff. he has been daytona police -- daytona police chief since 2006. we told you earlier this year when the sheriff announced he was high -- retiring. mike chitwood will join a crowded field, seven other candidates have filed to run that includes dave brennan and eric dietrich, they were both captains with the volusia county sheriff's office. wendell bradford and daytona police lieutenant david mazer also running. the other candidates are listed on your screen. in the next three hours we expect to find out more details about how orange county heroin task force will fight the growing drug problem. for six months. recommendations today. voters say they are focused on treatment. the medical examiner's office says there are at least 82 heroin overdose deaths in
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us department of health and human services has awarded money to florida to fight the growing heroin problem and prescription drug uses. more than $3 million to nine health centers including the healthcare center for the homeless in orlando. those centers will be able to screen more patients, providing trading and education sources for doctors it should be a little quieter in daytona beach this morning on the bike week is over. the last day was yesterday, officials say this year's event was the biggest and bike week history and was so many people out on the roads, state troopers and daytona beach say was -- say safety was a huge issue. there were a few crashes, but for the most part the 75th annual event was a safe one. the event brings in more than $200 million. it was a nice weekend for it. >> that's right, we checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes, survived -- certified meteorologist, brian shields , we are going to warm up? >> we are going to warm up, today 87, the average 78, not
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tomorrow temperatures right near we are zoomed into orange county now, a couple of sprinkles popping up. doctor phillips we have seen up over toward orlando azalea park, union park you may have a couple of sprinkles and batches over toward umatilla, mount dora you're getting wet this morning. showers trying to work into volusia county, a few moving into daytona beach, orman, by this you can run into some showers. be sure to track them, as you head out the door have our free weather app with you. so you can see what's happening as we go throughout the day. today, showers and storms as it works its way in, but warm and windy. tonight staying mild with temperatures in the mid 60s. coming up we are going to track the winds in the hot weather right around the corner. starting off with live traffic tracker we do have a question volusia county and daily on springs they have been able to give this one off to
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troopers on scene there if you're about to head in that direction. on i-4 we do have construction right at 535, these are your westbound lanes right here, these crews are still blocking off the left-hand lane, but they have picked up a lot of the codes in the -- codes in the area. spring breakers are flooding into florida right now, the problems with tsa that is causing long lines at the airports all over the states why leaders cannot agree on the best plan to get the homeless off the streets. more cases of the zika virus are popping up in
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a live peak of downtown orlando, 71 degrees right now and it's only going to get warmer from there. we will let you know what you can expect today. we have a full check on your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. florida can be ground zero with a fight against zika virus. 200 confirmed cases in the us and 59 in florida and now researchers are looking to stop
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scientists would release genetically modified male mosquitoes into the wild, that carry a deadly gene. that gene would make their offspring die before they are old enough to bite people. scientists are reducing success with the plant in brazil. it the plan is not sitting well with some people in the florida keys with the insects being released. >> when you open this pandora box, there is no way to kill his mosquitoes >> the cdc warns the zika virus could spread in the us mostly along florida and texas by june. the fda is not taking comments about possible testing in florida. a decision could come as soon as next month teachers in volusia county try again to work out a deal to get a raise for the school districts bargaining team will sit down with the volusia teachers organization to try to come up with an agreement. last month there meeting ended at it impasse. teachers say they are being
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other districts , but school district officials say they cannot afford raises this year. a bill that would allow florida parents to move their children to schools across county lines is now on the governor's desk. the florida senate and house approved the measure on friday, the bill also includes changes for high school level attics, private schools will be able to join the fhs aa and make students who transfer immediately eligible to play swords. people in louisiana mississippi or, families rescue just days ago from rising water are back home and started to clean up. many people say they are getting ready -- rid of baseboards and drywall to avoid malt. nearly 5000 homes were damaged this past week by rain and floods in louisiana. authorities say three people in louisiana, one person in texas died in the flooding. at least for hundred homes have been flooded in mississippi. thousands of residents across six states were affected by historic rainfall.
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point out the clock in our studio says 4:15. >> this should be a game this morning to cme times we mess up the time. is a look outside, downtown orlando looking up to the north, 70 degrees right now, it is really warm. have an umbrella for today, you will see why we are tracking showers that are scooting by, a lot of this action light, and again a storm system still working through, some spotty showers. sumter county, lake county we are seeing some rain right now. light showers pulling through parts of orange county by doctor phillips. as you get toward independence, the attractions you may see son -- some jumping over to volusia county.
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sanford, 69 melbourne, today we are going to be well into the 80s. winds out of the south to star, southwest later, they are going to be gusty. a little bit of patchy fog in our northern tier. we will monitor those with disabilities, too. a bit of rain this morning, this will eventually push off eiler -- either early afternoon and we will see a nicer evening. but until then, chance of a spotty shower, well into the 80s. mid 80s, if not a few upper '80s today. 8o'clock, let me take you through it, stop it at noon. a couple of showers and storms and even an isolated chance of showers by the time we had 3 o'clock. and then after that mainly drive as we head into the evening hours. each forecast watching out for a few showers, sees two-3 feet, the winds will be gusting up to 25 miles per hour today. today 87, showers and storms,
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kissimmee, 86 clermont, 84 ocala, overall rain chances about 3040 -- 30-40% for today. if you have the umbrella you will be okay for some of the static showers. for tonight starting to clear out, partly cloudy mild again. temperatures will be running in the 60s, 66 ever, 66 daytona beach, 68 cocoa beach. a nice night on the way. and then tomorrow, it is going to be hot. close to 90 degrees in spots tomorrow. 86 in leesburg, 88 orlando, winter park, wintergarden sanford it is going to be a hot tuesday and a warm week ahead. 87 on wednesday, but lots of s un. tuesday and wednesday, very warm , plenty of sunshine. thursday looking at our next system will approach by the end of the week. of course we will fine-tune it as we get closer. best chance of rain as we get into saturday. a 50% chance and a slight drop
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70s by sunday. this crashes in volusia county daily on spring state road 40 they have been able to get this one off to the side volusia county devotees are unseen along with troopers. taking a wider look at live traffic tracker, construction are cleared out of the area. all of our construction on high for you are looking pretty good at this point. it happens more than 1 million times a day. why facebook says so many people are violating its policy on hate speech. investigators are searching for evidence that will help them find the person who shot and killed a teenager. coming up, after several shootings over the weekend where deputies are what deputies are doing now to crackdown on gun violence. body cameras could become
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new this morning, we are getting a look from inside the small plane that crashed in lake county killing two people. clermont police say dame sheehan and his passenger,
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crashed in a field behind southlake hospital on saturday. koss posted pictures of his facebook page is showing the view over primates. the faa and ntsb are working together to find out what caused the crash. volusia county sheriff's office may spend $2.5 million on body cameras for deputies. we told you last year the sheriff's office made that decision to buy the cameras to help document evidence and be more transparent. they want to buy about 225 cameras using money that was seized in criminal cases. today, the mayor of daytona beach on several faith groups are expected to announce plans for a homeless shelter. mayor henry has not released any details. the city decided not to go with the city's plan for a homeless shelter called safe harbor. we will let you know what the mayor has to say later today. windemere families are fighting plans to build a
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the land is owned residential and he's asking county leaders to rezone its for a mosque. but some people are concerned about the extra traffic, and noise. a community meeting will be held wednesday at 6 p.m. at sunset park elementary. winter park leaders are expected to decide how to pay for a piece of land owned by rollins college to help expend a busy intersection. the land is on fairbanks avenue where the bowling alley, you see here, once stood, was demolished earlier this year. the city needs $2 million for the project they may decide not to buy the land at all and work with rawlins to get the amount needed to expand the turn lanes at fairbanks and 17 -- 1792. we will let you know what they decide on eyewitness news this morning at 5 p.m. a top nascar driver was not behind the wheel at daytona this weekend. >> coming up, the incident at bike week that kept that driver off the racetrack >>reporter:we are following three deadly weekend shootings here in orange county, 5:30 we are asking why no arrests have been made as the sheriff explains why his japanese cannot stop the violence. i will show you where the
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there is a live peak outside of her downtown orlando. we are watching a little bit of rain that will be coming your way. we do check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with brian shields, you are talking about rain but a return to the '90s? it is florida, let me get you outside this morning, it is going to stay warm today. by the way, sunrise time later, use caution with the kids at the bus stop, and yourself, sunrise 7:34, sunset at 7:32 because of that time change and we are tracking rain this morning watching showers on the move in orange county a new batch about


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